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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw


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News & Views

Airbnb CEO: Travel may never be the same
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says travel will never be the same as it was in the pre-COVID world. According to him, Airbnb data shows trends people are not getting on airplanes or crossing borders. They are not travelling for business. People are staying in homes. They are traveling to communities that are 200 miles away or less.

Quora goes remote-first permanently
Quora becomes another tech company to join the remote-first revolution. Quora's CEO Adam D'Angelo said in his tweet that they are going remote first. Most of their employees have opted not to return to the office post-COVID.

Remote work is making us more innovative — so don’t dread the 'new normal'
In the lockdown that has resulted from COVID-19, space has been created in a very literal sense. Social distancing is generating the ‘six-foot economy’ where people have to keep a physical distance from one another. Such measures mean there is less of a herd effect and people are diverging from the collective whole into separate thinkers. This gradual movement towards singularity is subsequently having a profound effect on how we foster and apply creativity.

The best 15 cities in the U.S. to work from home
In mid-May, 68% of the Americans were working from home and it could be the new normal after the pandemic. Working remotely gives employees the opportunity to relocate to a new city. Grow did an analysis on the best cities to work in the US based on rental cost and internet affordability. Toledo, Ohio grab the #1 spot followed by Fort Wayne(Indiana), Columbus(Ohio) and Lubbock(Texas).

Cisco takes a lesson from the coronavirus pandemic with new solutions for remote work and learning
Cisco has helped some of its customers set up remote work and education technologies. Now it wants to bring those capabilities to more organizations.. Cisco announced a set of solutions that organizations can use to operate more effectively when people are spread across many locations. The new offerings will incorporate a combination of software, hardware, and consulting services, and are based on specific solutions that Cisco built for customers during the coronavirus crisis.


Ask HN: How to hire freelance developers for an MVP?
For those non technical founders who got their product developed by contractors, any tips to share?

How I Pull 3k+ Monthly As A Nomad Selling Other People's Fiverr Services...
So like a year ago, I lost my remote job whilst traveling. The SaaS company I'd been doing customer support for closed down (Death Clock)... (Incomparable to COVID today for some people, but a difficult period for me nonetheless...) So, I needed to make some money quickly to pay the bills...

Do you have practical advice for maintaining work/life balance while WFH consecutively
I'll start with one. Hopefully we can build a collection of actionable tips that we could start doing TODAY. So, no theoretical discussions e.g. whether going for a walk is a good thing. Also, please provide a reason for your tip.

Lesson learnt : Don't work for jerks just to help a friend
A few days back, I took on a minor design job for an event. I didn't know the organisers , just my friend who practically begged me to do it , to save her job and skin.

What do you freelance in?
I know many indie hackers freelance. I also know many indie hackers look to hire freelancers (and struggle to find them). If you are a freelancer: What do you do? Where can people find out more about you?


Aleona Kazarova - Russia to Denmark to Sri Lanka as a Developer (Travel Like A Boss Podcast)
Aleona is a digital nomad, born and raised in Russia, but saw the opportunity to move abroad to Denmark to attend University. Since then she has learned English, Danish, and Programming Languages. She now works as an iOS App Developer while traveling as a digital nomad. This is a fun and inspiring story of someone who took control of her life, learned valuable skills, and how she gets to spend her days surfing here in Sri Lanka, traveling and hanging out with friends.

Finding their rhythm of remote with Tanja Weidinger and Wolfgang Damm of Fretello (Remoter Podcast)
CTO Wolfgang Damm & HR Lead Tanja Weidinger of Fretello spent the day with Remoter at their coworking space Neue Werft. Fretello is an AI-based music education app empowering people to express themselves through music by learning to play guitar. Being a remote company has allowed them to retain their best talents and better integrate work with personal lives, flexing their schedules as they see fit - something that’s very important for those at the company with young families.

The Rise and Shift of Distributed Teams with Mari Anne Snow (Remotely Effective Podcast)
In this episode I am joined by Mari Anne Snow where we talk about the rise of distributed teams in the early 2000’s, some of the major changes that have happened since that time, and the recent impacts of distributed work in the health and education sectors.