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"The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive." - Coco Chanel


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News & Views

Cities offer cash as they compete for new residents amid remote work boom
Remote workers are being paid upto $15000 to relocate to more rural destinations. Coronavirus pandemic has forced more employees to work remotely and more destinations are offering cash to these workers to relocate. This will help cities to generate tax revenue, more money for the local economy and increase the number of skilled people.

Written communication is remote work super power
The remote work environment is different from the office. Asynchronous written communication is the tool best suited for remote work. Async writing is different from chat messages. It lives longer, targets more potential audience and is easy to discover.

Trump Freezes Green Cards, Many Work Visas Until End Of Year
President Trump on Monday extended a freeze on green cards for new immigrants and signed an executive order to suspend new H-1B, L-1, J and other temporary work visas for skilled workers, managers and au pairs through the end of the year. The goal of the move is to protect 525,000 jobs as part of the White House response to job losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

18% of People Now Working From Home are Napping During Work Hours
Survey finds 18% of people that are now working from home are taking a nap during work hours. Men are 10% more likely to be new WFH nappers compared to women and young people are slightly more likely to nap during work from home hours. While some employers offer things like nap pods as a perk, sleeping during work hours is generally not a standard benefit for the average employee, and many employees worry that the impression of taking a quick nap at work will be frowned upon by team members and management.

Has COVID-19 Opened Up A New World Of Remote Work?
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote work as the digital world is finally at a stage where it can support technology like virtual meetings. The increase in virtual and telepresence also has the potential to provide alternative development paths for emerging markets, away from a manufacturing-led growth model (like China) more to a service-led growth model (like India).


Ask HN: Is remote work here forever?
My company has done what appears to be the standard for the non-faang company WFH until the end of the year. My city has decided to build a road through my backyard, making me want to move. I have the gamble a bit, so looking for everyone’s opinions. Has WFH hit the tipping point where it’s just the new normal, or should I expect to still need to remain in the Bay Area?

How I got hired for a remote job during Covid-19?
Hey guys, just wanted to share really quickly that I got hired for a remote marketing job in Amazon PPC last week. I see a lot of people asking questions on how to get a remote job. The only two things that matter in my opinion are: your experience and apply a lot.

What did you make during lockdown?
I've been experimenting with different no-code tools and decided to make a little something. Introducing Lockdown Showcase, a crowd-sourced list of products made by makers during lockdown.

Early in my freelance career, I would have lowered my rates because I was afraid I'd not be able to find another client. Now this is the norm, and I still have plenty of work.

Looking for ways to make money online with my passions
Hi there folks, so I am quite stuck at the moment. Currently, I'm 18, live in the UK, and are a student. I'd like to start making some money online but I am stuck in how I can do this. I was wondering if anyone here could help me out by giving me some advice in how I can make money online.


Routing the new normal with Gary Walker of Ready for Remote (Remoter Podcast)
Gary Walker is the founder of Ready for Remote, an educational platform providing content and resources to help people. Stumbling and embracing remote work over the years has allowed Ready for Remote to grow while allowing Gary to better integrate his work with life as a parent of 2 young children.

What is the Future of Remote work? Will Employee Wellbeing Soar in the new Remote work World? (WFH Daily Podcast)
A study of 1500 UK business owners and employees has found some really interesting information on the future of remote work, and how it will affect us. Harry talks to the commissioner of this study, Ingrid Ødegaard, founder of video calling service Whereby.

Defining the Remote Work Boundaries with Stefan Palios (DistantJob Podcast)
In this podcast episode, Stefan Palios discussed what actually means to be a remote worker, and it has nothing to do with just working from home. He also shared his insights about how the future of work does not necessarily mean working remotely.