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"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans." - Allen Saunders

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Slack to offer permanent work from home to most employees
Slack is joining other tech giants to allow employees an option to work from home permanently. Slack's Senior Vice President of People Robby Kwok wrote in a blog about a permanent remote work option. Office will remain closed beyond September 1 and he has given a hint that there will be major changes in the office when it reopens.

Working-from-Home Perceptions
According to a poll by Fluent, 57% Women and 62% Men have said they will continue working from home after the pandemic. The best thing about working from home was Family Time while the worst was distractions and lack of social interaction. 73% have no idea how companies are planning to return to the office.

34 Best Remote work communities on Reddit, Slack, Facebook
As remote work gets common and more popular, you might want to hang out with similar people. Thanks to the plethora of communities on Reddit, Facebook and Slack you won't feel lonely. Join discussions, connect with people, share your stories and hear from others.

A married couple who both retired at 31 as self-made millionaires had spent years travelling the world - until the pandemic sent them home.
Diving into the life of Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung, who have been travelling the world are spending their time in the lockdown. They had been staying in Chiang Mai, Thailand before the coronavirus pandemic hit and had to return home.

How to build and maintain a remote team without losing your head
While remote work comes with a lot of benefits, it also comes with certain disadvantages. Lack of communication, distraction and feeling lonely are the most common ones. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we have a lot of tools available to cope with these problems. While physical interaction is minimal or even zero in a remote team, decision makers should focus on establishing a company culture to help employees adapt to the new lifestyle.


LPT: Never accept the exchange rate offered by an ATM when withdrawing in a foreign currency
This option is often offered with a warning, such as "The exchange rate might change...guarantee this rate and avoid possibly paying more later." This is a tactic ATM providers use to confuse you so that you'll accept their unreasonable rate, causing you to lose more money than if you just decline and accept your bank's rate (the real exchange rate).

What courses/Bootcamps/Certification/Classes Can I take or get to get into a remote job?
I couldnt find this specific post anywhere so here it is. Travel. I travel. A lot. I have been going down the rabbit hole, Medical coders, Transcription, data analyst, bla bla bla

The saddest "Just Ship It" story ever
I know, I know, by this point you want "Just Ship It" to be an actual person so you could punch it in the face. As an Indie Maker, that sentence can be super frustrating because it's tired, it's cliche, and your response is always "HEY! You don't understand... it's not that easy".

I'm 15 and I slept on the floor for a year. Here's why.
Without initially setting out to do it, I’ve just spent over a year sleeping without a bed or mattress. A year ago, I had just heard of Tim Ferris, and had started reading a lot of his material. One subject that Tim brings up quite often is Stoicism.

1 year ago today since I quit my sales exec. job in central London and started my own business. Here are a few things I have learnt.
Hey all, massive lurker around these parts thanks for the awesome content you all put out. It is exactly one year today since I quit my sales job in London and started my own animation production agency with an old university friend. There have been tears, stress, late nights, guesswork, and confusion.


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Freelance lens: flexibility and timezone etiquette with Kate Nafisi of Nafisi Studio (Remoter Podcast)
Kate is a product design consultant who works remotely. She also runs Nafisi Studios, a wood workshop alongside her husband. Being a fluent remote team player, she’s here to share her anecdotes and do’s and don'ts when considering timezone etiquette for colleagues who aren’t physically beside you.

Remote Work During A Pandemic (Yonder)
In this podcast, Jeff and Ivan share their experience about remote work and how new companies shifting to remote work style can adapt to it. This podcast is an introduction to remote work for managers and workers forced into it by the pandemic.

Surviving a Recession as an Indie Hacker with Amy Hoy of Noko and 30x500 (Indiehackers Podcast)
Amy Hoy talks about recession and how to survive during one. She didn't merely survive the 2008 recession but built multiple profitable online businesses that grew to support her and, eventually, to generate over $1M in annual recurring revenue.