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""It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." - Herman Melville


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5 places to find remote-only jobs that will let you work from home forever
So you’ve been working from home since March. You don’t miss the commute, and you’ve found you’re actually more productive. Now you’re having serious reservations about going back to the office. Why not let the good times roll and just work from home forever? Take it from me: It’s the best. Also take it from me: It’s not always easy to find remote jobs, especially when it comes to traditional job-hunting sites. Here’s where to track them down.

How major companies are responding to employee needs in a remote work world that has no end in sight
As tech firms like Google and Uber extend work-from-home orders till summer of 2021, millions of employees are bracing for more unprecedented challenges as the traditional boundaries between life and work — i.e., the work/life balance — continue to break down.

The House That Remote Work Advocates Built
Remote work has skyrocketed. When stay-at-home orders hit the U.S. in March, within a matter of days — and in some cases, overnight — 63 percent of the U.S. workforce shifted to working from home in some capacity, according to data from Gallup. In contrast, before the orders, only 31 percent of the workforce worked from home occasionally and only 4.9 percent worked from home 100 percent of the time.

Our Work-From-Home Future Could Make It Easier for Some People to Find Jobs, Says Upwork CEO Hayden Brown
When the COVID-19 pandemic finally ends, it will likely be remembered as a time of great tragedy. But like any global crisis, it will also be remembered for the way it transformed society as people found ways to adapt, innovate, and build a new world. For many companies, the outbreak has forced a rapid, unplanned adoption of remote work. For some, that has meant a radical change in the way they do business. But for others, like global freelancing giant Upwork, it has been just another step toward a remote-focused, more flexible workplace that they have long been building. As the pandemic has transformed the way companies operate, Upwork and its president and CEO, Hayden Brown, have a unique vantage point—both as a company that is undergoing major changes itself, and one that has built a business on bringing remote talent to a roster of 133,000 clients worldwide, and is used by many Fortune 500 firms.

Guide to the French Tech Visa: Why the French President invited me to start my company in France
Three years ago, things were different. I didn’t know any French, I didn’t have a business, and I didn’t have a job. I had just quit a great job in Singapore to start my own company. My partner was starting her master’s in Paris and told me to come stay. So I packed up everything, shipped some of it to my mom in New York, and hopped on a flight to CDG.


Remote work burnout is growing as pandemic stretches on. How do you cope with it?
It used to be that working remotely was a perk. These days it’s about survival. 👉 Over two-thirds, or 69%, of people, are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home, a survey found. Despite work burnout, the majority (59%) are taking less time off than they normally would, and 42% of those still working from home are not planning to take any time off to decompress. 👉 How do you cope with it? I'd love to hear your thoughts 👇👇👇

What jobs can get you remote work in 2 years if you're from a 3rd-world country?
In other words...what's in demand? From what I've read so far, devops or backend development seem to be the jobs I should focus on. but i'm not sure FYI, i'm a CS undergrad from Egypt. I wanna be able to work remotely and I'm down to learn anything to speed up that process.

How long do you spend in your home country each year?
A typical year rather than a pandemic one, of course. This month marks my first full year as a nomad and I wanted to see what others tend to do.

Invoice factoring for unpaid invoices?
Hey folks. Hoping for some advice and feedback. I've been freelancing for about 6 years and I've never had this happen to me before. I have a former client that is refusing to pay an invoice that was due this January. She hired me right after Thanksgiving last year, I performed a ton of work for her in December, and then once the invoice became due, she came out swinging and making all sorts of ridiculous claims to try and justify not paying me. It became apparent that was her plan all along. She even got an attorney involved. But when the attorney saw my contract and all the mounting information that proved the client was wrong, the attorney ceased representing her because it was clear that she didn't have a case.

Freelancing Job that would give more than 1k$ monthly
I'm 24 yo M based in Poland. I've finished master studies in mechanical engineering but I think it's not what I want to do(I know, stupid) I am really into learning languages and photography /video editing. I know how to do stuff In photoshop/lightroom. From languages, polish in my native, I have very good English and Spanish, pretty good portuguese and average Italian +French. I thought about a translator job or some photoshop freelancing, maybe combining these both. It would be perfect if I could make like 1,5k$ while working up to 40hrs weekly. Is it possible? And what's the best way to bite that cookie?


Tulsa Remote: Live here, work anywhere (HBS Managing the Future of Work)
Will Covid-19 empty superstar cities? While it’s too soon to say, metros outside the top tier are now in a better position to compete for talent. This plays to the strengths of programs like Tulsa Remote, which helps professionals who work remotely relocate to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Launched in 2018 by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the highly selective program emphasizes diversity and community building. Founding Executive Director, Aaron Bolzle, discusses the importance of moving beyond the transactional aspects of such programs, and the keys to successful remote work.

Inventium's CEO Michelle Le Poidevin on our secret weapon for recruitment, being a remote CEO, and working a four day week (How I Work)
Today's guest is Michelle (Mish) Le Poidevin. Mish has been the CEO of leading behavioural science and innovation consultancy, Inventium (the consultancy I founded and still work in) since May 2019. Mish is passionate about creating the environment and structures for people to do their best work. She has led (and learnt from!) many of Inventium's pioneering people practices such as the move to a holocracy structure, unlimited annual leave, and most recently, the four day work week and the compilation of the Australian Financial Review Best Places to Work list. She has also led the strategic transformation of Inventium and the development of new digital business models. She holds an MBA specialising in innovation and technology from The University of New South Wales (AGSM) and has been successfully working remotely full-time since 2018.

How To Get A Remote Job In The Music Industry Denis Hiller Of NoFace Records LTLP#104 (Livin That Life – Digital Nomad Podcast)
Want to get a remote job in the music industry or be a DJ that travels the world? Denis Hiller is the co-founder of No Face Records and he explains how!