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Estonia Passes Law Creating Digital Nomad Visas
Estonia has passed a bill for creation of a digital nomad visa. It is one of the first countries in the world enabling digital nomads to apply for a visa for working remotely. Such visa can be both short-term and long-term and visa applications will be subject to general visa conditions. Individuals must have sufficient funds for staying in Estonia.

Remote work will be a legacy of pandemic; job losses may not be over, survey finds
Remote work may be the lasting legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a Conference Board. 77% of the participants believe employees working for home will increase once the pandemic is over. Prior to the pandemic, respondents said that less than 10% of their workforce primarily worked from home.

Coronavirus: Job-hunting advice for graduates, from the Class of 2008
In 2008, graduates faced job problems due to the global financial crisis. 12 years later, the coronavirus pandemic has caused similar problems. 3 graduates from the class of 2008 have some advice for their younger counterparts.

Working from home post-COVID-19? Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Microsoft embracing remote work
Will Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter employees go back to the office post-coronavirus? The tech giants are looking at more remote work. Silicon Valley and Seattle giants – Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter – were the first to send their employees home as the virus spread to the U.S. Now they're among the last to return them to the office. Some of their employees might never go back.

Employee-surveillance software is not welcome to integrate with Basecamp
Basecamp, one of the pioneer of remote work culture won't allow any kind of surveillance software to integrate with their product. "Third parties may not access and employ the API if the functionality is part of an application that remotely records, monitors, or reports a Service user’s activity other than time tracking, both inside and outside the applications."

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Quick Chat with Harry Dry of Marketing Examples (Indiehackers Podcast)
Harry Dry talks about how he grew Marketing Examples to $1000 MRR before quitting his job. His email list has now grown to over 21K subscribers and is making $2500 per month.

Kids at home (The Rework Podcast)
Basecamp’s working parents talk about how they are working with kids at home and share responsibilities with their partner. Brace yourself with cute baby voices during the podcast.